Mystery Shopping Cyprus


Why Mystery Shopping?
Customer experience is very important for businesses. Countless studies have shown that the brands that have a customer-centre approach and offers a pleasant experience achieve higher trust, sales and profitability. Today, the provision of a positive customer experience is even more important but more difficult to be achieved. The factors that make customer service even more difficult are the increased expectations from consumers, internet information that make informed customers, social media that might misinform them and intense competition from international brands. That is why the service of Mystery Shopping Cyprus is here.


What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping is a research service with the aim to indicate the quality of customer service provided by the employees of the company. It helps to identify if the service provided is based on the company’s standards and regulations. In Mystery Shopping we can check if the processes and standards are followed. We always use trained mystery shoppers who can complete an objective evaluation of the employees and to report in a detail manner their experience as customers. Mystery Shopping can assist companies to understand how customers are treated, which behaviours should be rewarded and which behaviours should be improved. The results are gathered into a comprehensive analysis and presented to the management so that training and corrective actions to be taken in a way to improve customer experience.


The Methodology of Mystery Shopping

Step 1: Identification of Evaluation Criteria
In this first step, one of our consultant along with the management team of your company will identify the criteria and the areas that the research will cover.


Step 2: Creation of the Mystery Shopping Questioner
After we collect all the necessary information, we will create the mystery shopper questioner that mystery shoppers will have to complete. All questions will have a scale from 1 to 10 so that the average will be easily calculated and compared to future researches. The questioner will include a number of questions along with the observations of the shopper.


Step 3: Implementation of the Mystery Shopper Research
Trained mystery shoppers will implement the research in all stores that have been selected. They will also include observations and comments that they believe are important to mention.


Step 4: Concentration of Results and Creation of a Comprehensive Analysis
In this stage we gather all the questioners so that we can create a comprehensive analysis of the research including our own tips for improvement.


Step 5: Presentation of the Research and Proposal for Customer Service Training
At this final stage a consultant present the research findings along with the observations and comments of the mystery shoppers. Based on the findings we will propose a necessary seminars that will help to improve customer service. In case the training will be exclusively for your company with 8 or more participants the cost will be 100% subsidized by the Human Resources Authority of Cyprus.


More Information – Mystery Shopping Cyprus
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