Google Ads Management

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online advertising platform of Google that gives you the opportunity to advertise your product and services in two Media, the Google Search Engine and Google Display Network.

How Google Ads really works in Google Search?

We set up the Google Ads campaigns so that when you potential customer search in Google with keywords that represent your products or services your advertisement shows up in the first page of Google. For example if you are looking for a “hotel in Paphos” you will see that on top of Google search and on the right hand side relevant Google Ads will appear. The aim of Google ads is not to be ranked in the first place in Google search but to get the most target traffic to your website at the minimum cost. Therefore a proper set up of the Google Ads campaigns from the beginning is a must. That is the reason that Google created Certified Google Advertising professionals so that you can be assured that your campaigns are optimized and you are not losing any money from wrong set up. To start a Google Ads campaign you must first choose the country that you want your advertisements to appear and then choose the daily budget that you want to spend and the number of days that you want your advertisement to run. Read below how we can do all that for you.

What is Google Display Network?

We can also set up your ads to appear on Google Display Network (GDN) which is a network of Websites that accepts Google advertisements. Google choose the websites that your ads are going to be shown based on their content. If the website contains the keyword we selected then there is a high probability that your ad will appear on that website. In the following example the website of Politis News is a member of GDN and accepts advertisements from Google. The advertisements in GDN can be either text advertisements or banner advertisements with images. Don’t worry if you don’t have a graphic designer we can do your banner-image ads for only a small extra charge.

Benefits of Google Ads

• Highly targeted traffic to your website.
Since your advertisements will appear only when the potential customers use keywords related to your business the traffic that will be generated by Google ads will be highly targeted.

• You pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement.
No matter how many times your advertisement appears on Google Search you only pay for those who are really interested to buy and click on your advertisement. That is why Google ads is a form of PPC pay per click advertisement. For example, if your daily budget is €12 and the pay per click is 50 cents that means your ads will get 24 clicks in one single day. When your daily budget is exhausted in that day your ads will stop so your will not spend any additional budget. Your advertisements will start to appear again at 12:00 am of the following day. In case your daily budget is not spent then the remaining daily budget will be used at the end of the campaign so there is a probability that your ad will run for more days. There is also protection mechanism by Google where no one can spend your daily budget maliciously. If some keeps clicking on your ad Google recognize the malicious activity and even though your ad will continue to appear you don’t pay for those malicious clicks.

• You can select the country that your ads will appear.
We can set up your Google ads to appear in any country you want. By doing this you can advertise in a very broad audience but you pay only for those who are interested, search with relevant keywords, interested to buy your products and click to your advertisement. We set up different campaigns for each country because in every country they use different keywords and especially keywords in their mother language. For example we will set up a different campaign targeted to people living and browsing Google from Cyprus and for those who are living and browsing Google from Italy.

• You can choose your advertising budget
You can choose your daily budget and the number of days that you want your advertisement to run. The minimum daily budget we accept is €12 per country and the minimum number of days for a campaign is 30 days. We recommend a daily budget of €12 per country for a minimum of 90 days.

Why doing Google Ads with us?

• We are the first company in Cyprus that we provided Google Ads in Cyprus by Google Advertising professionals.
• All campaigns are created by a Certified Google Advertising professional.
• All campaigns are monitored on a regular basis and are optimized so that we get the maximum clicks at the minimum cost per click.
• We provide internet marketing guidance so that you will get the most out of your internet marketing efforts.
• We do all the work for you. We study your website, we select the keywords, we create the advertisements, we set the campaigns on the platform we have with Google, we regularly monitor the campaigns, we optimized them and set you a complete report every month.
• The only thing that you have to do is to fill the form below and pay with your credit card to total amount that you want to invest in Google Adwords. (€12 X number of days you want your advertisement to run)

We can set up your campaign for you

Now you don’t have to worry about creating a cost effective campaign because we can do all the work for you. You just fill the following form, pay with your credit card and within 5 working days you will have your ads up and running. To ensure highly quality ads we follow a five steps process:

1. We study your website so that we can understand your product and services and your target audience and then select keywords from your website.
2. With the use of tools from Google we find relevant keywords with high number of searches from the targeted country.
3. We create the advertising texts that will appear when someone searches Google with those selected keywords.
4. We send you the campaign structure (keywords and advertising texts or image-banners) for your approval and we make any adjustments if necessary.
5. Every month we email you a report with the results of Google adwords. In the report you will see the number of impressions (how many times your ad appear,) the number of clicks (people who click on your ad and visit your website,) and the CTR (Click Through Rate which is the percentage between how many people click on your ad comparing to the total number of impressions.)

Just fill the form and start your Google Ads Now!

Just fill the form below and we will prepare everything for you and have your ads up and running in 5 working days! In order for your campaign to be activated you must pay in advance the total amount of budget that you want to invest in Google Ads.