Seminar The Manual of the Greatest Salesman in the World

Course Description:

After 16 years of studying and analyzing the greatest salespersons in the world we found what they do to increase their sales even in times of economic crisis. So if you want to know what are the characteristics of the best sales persons in the world and how you can become one of them then this seminar is for you. As a participant you will be trained to apply the “manual of the greatest salesman in the world” and learn all the skills and tactics that will make you to multiply your sales.

By the end of the seminar:

  • You will know the characteristics of the greatest salesmen of the world and how to acquire them
  • You will be able to set and achieve high sales goals
  • You will know how to use social media to approach new clients
  • You will be able to communicate and easily set appointments with potential customers
  • You will be able to present your product and services in a professional way
  • You will know how to stop selling and make people to start buying from you
  • You will be able to double your sales in 90 days
  • You will know how to provide customer service so that you have repeated sales
  • You will know how to get referrals from existing customers and grow your database within weeks.

Course Features

Cost per participant/Per Hour:€12
Training Hours:14 Hours (2 Days)
Minimum Number of Participants:8
How to estimate cost:€12 Χ 14 Hours X Number of Participants
Example:For example an inhouse seminar for 8 persons will cost €12 X 14 X 8 = €1,344 + V.A.T
Subsidy from HRDA:100%

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