Seminar Successful Negotiation Skills

Course Description:

In the new economic environment where the two parties – buyers and sellers – are looking for the maximum benefits at the minimum cost make negotiation skills a necessity for every business person. We created this training with the aim to provide you with the skills, tactics and strategies so that you can negotiate better and at the same time keep the other party satisfied so that the relationship is intact and the application of the agreement will not have any problems.

By the end of the seminar you will be able:

  • To know the results of studies from Harvard University concerning negotiation skills
  • To apply effective negotiation skills
  • To recognize the common ground with the other party
  • To build trust so that you can negotiate in a trustful environment
  • To build value for the things that you are going to offer to the other side
  • To apply the laws of persuasion
  • To use tools so that you can prepare effectively for a complex negotiation
  • To avoid tactics that can lead to a dead end
  • To use tactics and strategies for a successful outcome

Course Features

Cost per participant/Per Hour:€20
Training Hours:14 Hours (2 Days)
Minimum Number of Participants:8
How to estimate cost:€20 Χ 14 Hours X Number of Participants
Example:For example an inhouse seminar for 8 persons will cost €20 X 14 X 8 = €2,240
Subsidy from HRDA:100%

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