In-House Seminar “Food Hygiene, Safety and Allergens”

Seminar Food Safety, Hygiene and allergens

Course Description:

Food safety is of utmost importance to any organization that produces food. In order for them to be able to achieve the production of safe food, it is important that the team has the necessary knowledge. That includes for them to be aware of the food safety hazards and knowing the best practices – aligned with each organization’s operation – and most importantly know why they need to follow these practices.
This seminar targets personnel handling food (directly and indirectly) from food business that produce, store, handle, transport food, or food retailers, restaurants, bakeries – confectioneries, or other food manufacturing workshops.

By the end of the seminar the participants will be able:

• Recognize the categories of food safety hazards
• Recognize the specific dangers that exist in the kitchen area
• Know the microorganisms related to food safety and symptoms
• Recognize allergens
• Know the basic requirements of the legislation
• Recognize allergens (14 allergens) and in which foods we find them
• Choose and apply the right hygiene rules to prevent risks
• Recognize the importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness and disinfection of premises and equipment
• Identify and evaluate sources of cross-contamination in the kitchen area and during their work
• Identify what allergies are and what intolerances (differences and symptoms)
• Apply the maintenance of correct temperatures at all stages of the production process
• Apply the rules to avoid cross-contamination
• Apply the rules of personal hygiene and cleanliness and disinfection of the premises
• Apply the rules to avoid cross-contact with allergenic ingredients

Course Features

Cost per participant/Per Hour:€20
Training Hours:7 Hours (1 Day)
Minimum Number of Participants:8
How to estimate cost:€20 Χ 7 Hours X Number of Participants
Example:For example an inhouse seminar for 8 persons will cost €20 X 7 X 8 = €1,120
Subsidy from HRDA:100%

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