In-House Seminar Certified Social Media Manager

Course Description:

The seminar has been approved by Human Resources Authority of Cyprus and the participants will become Certified Social Media Managers. They will get the knowledge and skills required to create and manage the Social Media in a way that will increase company’s sales. They will also learn how to set up effective advertisements in the various social media.

By the end of the seminar the participants will be able:

  • To create a strategic plan in Social Media that will increase sales with measurable results.
  • To use Facebook as a tool to approach new customers.
  • To apply methods so that they will get thousands of Facebook likes in only few weeks.
  • To create effective advertisements in Facebook and drive traffic to their website.
  • To set up their Linkedin account in a way so that potential customers will want to connect with them.
  • To create a network of 5,000 potential customers in Linkedin within 90 days.
  • To improve their Linkedin profile so that they can improve their credibility.
  • To promote their business in the Linkedin group “Cyprus Network” for free.
  • To reach thousands of persons through Google+
  • To create and upgrade their Google+ company page.
  • To create their own YouTube channel and to upload their promotional videos that will appear in the first page of YouTube and Google.
  • To manage effectively the Twitter account of the company for brand awareness.
  • To apply promotional strategies on Instagram.

Course Features

Cost per participant/Per Hour:€20
Training Hours:21 Hours (3 Days)
Minimum Number of Participants:8
How to estimate cost:€20 Χ 21 Hours X Number of Participants
Example:For example an inhouse seminar for 8 persons will cost €20 X 21 X 8 = €3,360
Subsidy from HRDA:100%

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