In-House Seminar Certified Google Advertising Professional

Course Description:

In this seminar, you will acquire the knowledge required to become a Certified Google Advertising Professional. You will learn how to set up and manage effectively Google Adwords campaigns as a way to generate quality traffic to your website and convert them into leads or sales.

By the end of the seminar you will be able to:

• Effectively manage a Google Adwords account
• Setup campaigns for Google Search, Google Display Network (GDN) and Video Campaigns.
• Use the tools that can help you measure and analyze your results
• Determine your bid and advertising budget
• Manage and monitor your Google Search Network campaign
• Choose the right websites that you want your banners to appear through GDN.
• Measure and optimize your GDN campaign
• Promote YouTube videos.
• Apply the Best Practices for advertising by Google.
• Take the exams and become a Certified Google Advertising Professional

Course Features

Cost per participant/Per Hour:€20
Training Hours:21 Hours (3 Days)
Minimum Number of Participants:8
How to estimate cost:€20 Χ 21 Hours X Number of Participants
Example:For example an inhouse seminar for 8 persons will cost €20 X 21 X 8 = €3,360
Subsidy from HRDA:100%

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