Seminar “Effective Human Resource Management”

Seminar Effective Human Resource Management

Seminar “Effective Human Resource Management”


The course is aimed at people in the HR sector and at all managerial and supervisory staff who want to know and apply the essential parameters and functions required by the administration of human resources. The trainees will learn the important functions of HR and the management procedures such as the determination of work tasks, job posting, interviewing, recruitment, training, handling employees’ disputes and employee assessment. This training will also help existing HR managers to enrich their knowledge and skills on the subject.


By the end of the course participants will be able to:
• To know the characteristics of effective human resource managers.
• To apply the parameters of effective human resources management.
• To define the job duties and hiring criteria per job.
• Use appropriate means for posting the job vacancies.
• To conduct interviews and hire the right people.
• To undertake an analysis of training needs and to organize training programs.
• To motivate employees to high yields.
• To bring fair systems for proper employee assessment based on their performance.
• To effectively handle employee disputes


Seminar Location: Adonis Business Academy
Dates: 13 & 14/3/2023
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Teaching Language: Greek


Adonis Anastasiou


The investment includes:
• Certification of Attendance
• Educational Material


Limited Number of Seats
Due to a limited number of seats available you have to do your registration in advance. You can buy your ticket at the bottom of this page.


Subsidy from Human Resources Authority of Cyprus (HRDA)
The training has been approved by HRDA. The companies that will participate with employees, and are eligible, will pay a reduced amount. Eligible are employees of companies, municipalities, semi-government organizations who pay social securities. When you make your registration we will send you the appropriate form to be filled by the employer.


Investment for Unemployed – Free
Persons who are registered as unemployed are allowed one free seminar if the bring the relevant permit from the government office of employment.


Investment for Self-Employed
Initial Cost: €298
Minus Discount: €140
Payable Amount: €158 + (V.A.T. €30.02)


Investment For Employees
Initial Cost: €298 + (V.A.T. €56.62)
Minus HRDA Subsidy: €238
Payable Amount: €60 + (V.A.T. €56.62)


More Information and Registrations
For more information and registrations just fill the form below and one of our consultants will contact you.


Start Time

9:00 AM

March 13, 2023

Finish Time

5:30 PM

March 14, 2023


Adonis Business Academy