Seminar “Certified Google Advertising Professional”

Seminar Google Ads - Strategies For Advertising in Internet

Seminar “Google Ads – Strategies For Advertising in Internet”


Certified Google Advertising Professional
In this seminar, you will acquire the knowledge required to become a Certified Google Advertising Professional. You will learn how to set and effectively manage campaigns in Google Search, Google Display Network and YouTube as a way to bring potential customers to your website and convert them into leads or sales.


By the end of the seminar participants will be able to:

Manage Google Search Ads
• Setup campaigns in Google Search
• Find the best keywords and write amazing advertising texts that will capture audience attention.
• Apply methods that will help use improve the quality score of the keywords.
• Use the tools that can help the measurement and analysis of the results
• Effectively determine the bid and advertising budget

Manage Campaigns in Google Display Network
• Set up campaigns in Google Display Network
• Set the right parameters for better targeting.
• Choose the right targeting so that banners ads will appear in targeted websites and at the same time reduce the cost per click.
• Create retargeting campaigns that will follow website visitors
• Measure and optimize the Google Display Network campaigns

Manage Campaign in YouTube
• Set up campaign that will play in YouTube
• Choose the right YouTube campaign based on the goals requested
• Promote videos through the YouTube paid video ads for maximum exposure


Prepare for the Google Advertising Professional Examination
• Prepare for the exams to become Certified Google Advertising Professional.


Seminar “Certified Google Advertising Professional”
Seminar Location: Adonis Business Academy
Dates: 23, 24 & 25/10/2023
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Teaching Language: Greek


Adonis Anastasiou
The first Certified Google Advertising Professional in Cyprus


Investment Includes:
• Certification of Attendance
• Workbook


Limited number of seats:
Due to a limited number of seats register online today.


Subsidized by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA)
The program is approved by the HRDA. Employees working in companies and pay social securities are entitled to the subsidy of HRDA. After registering we will send you an application that should be filled by your employer.


Investment For Unemployed – Free
Persons who are register as unemployed are allowed one free seminar every year if they bring the relevant permit from the Public Employment Service office.


Investment For Cypriot Self-Employed
Initial Cost: €452
Minus Discount: €294
Payable Amount: €158 + (V.A.T. €30.02)


Investment For Employees
Initial Cost: €452 + (VAT €85.88)
Minus subsidy HRDA: €357
Payable Amount: €95 + (VAT €85.88)


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Start Time

9:00 AM

October 23, 2023

Finish Time

5:30 PM

October 25, 2023


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