Seminar “CySEC AML Certification: Preparation For The Exams”

Seminar AML - Anti Money Laundering Cyprus

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Seminar “CySEC AML Certification: Preparation For The Exams”


The aim of the program is to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of staff working in accountancy, law and other related offices in matters relating to the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing to be able to they apply the appropriate legislation which is now mandatory by European directive as well as state law.


To define what money laundering is and recognize the stages of Money Laundering (Money Laundering).
To state the main provisions of the control and supervision of the financial system, the competent authorities, their powers and responsibilities.
To explain the duties and responsibilities of board members, the compliance officer, the internal auditor, and other personnel within the organization in relation to the FSA/FT.
To analyze the identification requirements for natural and legal persons (KYC), and to determine the beneficial owner (UBO)
To establish policies and effective due diligence (CDD) procedures when on-boarding a new customer or re-evaluating existing customers.
To recognize what constitutes a suspicious transaction and the forms and procedures for reporting suspicious transactions and activities (STR/SAR) to the compliance officer or regulatory authorities.
To list and complete the necessary documents with the appropriate information that must be kept by the business during and after the end of the business relationship with the customer and the schedules of their observance.
To identify what “red flags” are and how they are identified for PPE.
To explain the consequences of not timely executing or not executing a suspicious transaction report.
To apply for each customer a “risk-based approach” assessment (RBA) in regards to AML.
To perform due diligence measures and to recognize potential risk in each business relationship/agreement.
Record every activity in all business transactions.
Prepare and submit internal suspicious activity reports to the AML Compliance Officer, as well as external reports to the appropriate authorities.
To investigate and execute reports as AML Compliance Officers of the reports presented to them.
To accept the necessity and training of the fight against ML/TF.
To protect themselves and the organization they work for in matters related to ML/TF.
Resist and reject business relationships and/or activities that contribute to the ML/TF.
To adopt protective measures to deal with Money Laundering from Illegal Activities.
To encourage a culture of regulatory compliance in corporate governance and a culture of training in the organization.
Motivate the staff for active participation in dealing with AML in their transactions.
To adopt money laundering risk assessment procedures in their transactions.
Encourage staff to actively participate in informational and educational meetings to deal with AML.

Target audience:
Executives/Officers of companies providing investment services and investment funds.
Executives of Regulatory Bodies.
Lawyers, Accountants, Brokers and all those liable, based on relevant legislation, professionals and others who wish to work in this area

Training Material
Each participant will receive the exclusive preparation booklet packed with everything you need to succeed! From presentation notes to a glossary of all the major terms, as well as revision questions with answers and not one, not two, but five online mock examinations. You will have all the resources at your fingertips to help you prepare for success!

Registration and Re-registration Procedure for Examinations and Registry
Looking to register for the CySEC examinations? All prospective candidates must complete the online application and make payment to receive an automatic payment receipt. Keep in mind that any changes or cancellations to your application can only be made up to eight (8) working days prior to the exam date, and only after paying the relevant fee. Successful candidates can register in the AML compliance officers register within four (4) weeks of receiving the email notification from CySEC. If you happen to fail the exam, you will be required to apply to take the next one within twelve (12) months of the initial start date of the examination. And if you fail again within that period, you wont be able to resume your appointment as an AML compliance officer until you pass the exam. If you have any questions about the exams, please dont hesitate to reach out


Examination Fees
The examination fee is €300.00 and is payable directly to CySEC upon registration to the exam.


Dates & Time
Dates: 6, 7, 8 & 11/3/2024
Time: 9:00am – 1:15pm
Teaching Language: English


Investment For Employees
Investment: €504
Minus HRDA Subsidy: €320
Payable Amount: €184


Investment For Self-Employed
Investment: €504
Minus Discount: €152
Payable Amount: €352


More information and Registrations
For more information and registrations please fill the form below and we will contact you


Start Time

9:00 AM

March 6, 2024

Finish Time

1:15 PM

March 11, 2024