Services Package “Create Your Own Business”


We can assist you to create your own business
The aim of this services package is to give you all the knowledge, tools and guidance needed to start you own business. You will learn how to promote your business through digital marketing, how to set appointments with potential customers, close the sale and provide supreme customer service. Most of all we will coach you step by step on how to get your first customers and establish your business. In addition to that you will get an agreement with Adonis Business Academy for business referrals.


The package “Create Your Own Business” includes:
1. Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma
The diploma includes that following 5 courses so that you will learn how to provide promote your services:
a. Course “Certified Social Media Manager”
b. Course “Certified Google Advertising Professional”
c. Course “Certified in Internet Marketing and S.E.O”
d. Course “The Manual of the Greatest Salesperson in the World”
e. Course “Strategies For Fast Business Growth”


2. Online Course “Start-up and Grow Your Own Business”
A complete step by step online course on demand so that you will learn how to start up and grow your own business.


3. One-to-One Online Coaching for 3 months
The aim of the coaching is to provide hands on guidance on how to get your first clients, contact them, close the deal and provide your services. Every week for 3 months you will get one-to-one online coaching session with the coach so that he will keep you on track to start and grow your own agency.
Total Hours of Coaching: 24


4. Long term cooperation with Adonis Business Academy
You will also get an agreement of cooperation with Adonis Business Academy for business support and referrals.


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