Adonis Anastasiou as a self-made entrepreneur started in 1999 from zero, actually with a negative bank balance and no other support, and he manage to climb to the top of the business training sector.

He has graduated from California State University of Los Angeles and got his degree in Administrative Management and Economics. He continued his studies in Strategic Management at Henley Management School. Returning back from the United States it was a struggle but his love for marketing and human resources help him to establish himself as a business consultant and to become certified business trainer. After some years of hard work and determination he founded Adonis Business Academy which is accredited by the Human Resources Authority of Cyprus. Today is considered to be one of the leading business academies in Cyprus. The academy has organized the most number of business seminars in Cyprus for four consecutive years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. From 2013 the academy offers “Human Resources Management Diploma”, “Advance Digital Marketing with AI Diploma” and “Business Administration Diploma.” Diplomas with national and international recognition. Also in 2010 Adonis starts a co-operation with Google and he becomes the first Certified Google Advertising Professional in Cyprus and the academy is currently an active Google Partner.

Beyond teaching in the Academy he worked as lecturer at University of Central Lancashire and Cyprus College for the Social Media and Internet Marketing Professional Diploma. He has been invited as a guest speaker at various Universities such as the University of Cyprus, University of East London, University of Neapolis, University of Nicosia.

He is an effective business trainer, coach, author and motivational speaker with an amazing record of assisting client companies to grow their sales and size even in turbulent times. His expertise and passion for marketing and sales, makes him the ideal Sales Trainer for any company that strives for growth in a highly competitive environment. He is one of the founding members of the Cyprus Mentoring and Coaching Association EMCC.

Among his clients are Caterpillar, Hellenic Bank, KPMG, Volvo, Hyunday, Pancyprian Insurance, Cosmos Insurance, CTC Automotives, Tseriotis Group, AlphaMega Hypermarkets, Electroline, Cyprus Electricity Authority, Debenhams Cyprus, and many more.

He is offering services such as Business Training and Keynote Speeches, Business Coaching, Personal Development, Social Media and Internet Marketing services.


As an experienced business trainer with countless hours of training he has crafted seminars which are fun, highly interactive, practical and full of real life examples that give to the participants the skills necessary to excel in their field. After the training the participants are ready to implement the skills necessary so that they can excel in their fields. He facilitates trainings of various subjects but all have a flavor of sales and marketing. A few of the subjects training subjects are:

Certified Social Media Manager
Certified Digital Marketing Manager
The Manual of the Greatest Salesman of the World.
Maximize your retail sales.
Quality Customer Service that Creates Loyal Customers
Leadership for Maximum Business Performance
Strategies for Accelerate Business Growth
Effective Debt Collection
Mind Coaching to Success.
Startup and Grow Your Own Business


After investigating the current situation of the client-company and assess the current sales process, he finds the areas where improvements can be made. Through sales coaching sessions he guides sales managers and sales executives how to achieve their sales goals. He is fully dedicated in providing laser sharp focused advices so that the sales team can identify and work on the vital actions that would increase sales immediately and at the same time improve customers’ satisfaction.


As a personal development and life coach he worked with more than 3,000 people and assisted them to achieve higher goals and live their dream lives. Furthermore, he helps people to reach their goals and dreams, guide them to find the actions that are vital to their success, and perform these actions on a massive scale making success unavoidable.


In the area of Digital Strategy formulation Adonis can assist companies to redesign their online presence so that they dominate market online. His internet strategies includes the transformation of a website into a 24-hours sales generator and then promote it through Google Adwords, Search Engine Domination and Global Social Media Promotion. Adonis has also won a regional competition for opening the most Google Adwords accounts in Cyprus, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria in 2011.


• Cyprus HR Professionals Association
• EMCC Cyprus (Coaching and Mentoring Association)
• Mastermind Group Cyprus