“Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma” Cyprus

Digital Marketing Diploma Cyprus

“Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma” in Cyprus


Digital Marketing Diploma Description:
The Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma was created to provide the knowledge and the methodology to those who want to work in managerial positions in the field of marketing and sales. It consists of five seminars that are going to take place at Adonis Business Academy. All training courses are approved by the Courseware Institute of USA. Upon completion of the program the participants will receive the “Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma” which is an additional professional qualification. The training emphasizes the development of modern marketing strategies for maximum brand awareness and business strategies for rapid sales growth. Apart from the academic foundation the training program is enriched with practical strategies so that learners can create and manage social media, build brand awareness, create content and implement accelerate sales strategies.


Approved by the Courseware Institute of USA
The program is approved by the Courseware Institute of USA thus giving the validity and reliability of one of the largest educational qualifications bodies. By the end of each seminar participants will be awarded a certification of completion for each seminar and at the end of all five courses they will be additionally awarded the Digital Marketing and Sales Diploma.


Diploma Subjects
Upon completion of the program the participants will be able:

• To create digital marketing strategies that will boost the sales of their business.
• To effectively manage Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram in a way to exponentially increase brand awareness.
• To set up advertisements in Facebook so that they can bring hundreds of potential customers to their website at the minimum cost.
• To set up advertisements in Facebook and get the contact information of potential customers (lead generation ads)
• To effectively manage their LinkedIn profile and Linkedin Business Page and approach targeted customers from all over the world.
• To create and manage effectively their Google My business page so that it will be placed on the first page of Google.
• To use Instagram and showcase with beautiful pictures their products and services.
• To effectively use YouTube and promote through video ads their business throughout the globe.
• To effectively create and manage ads in Google Search and get potential customers when they are searching Google.
• To set up advertisements that will appear in thousands of pages through the Google Display Network.
• To set up video ads in YouTube and get thousands of views at the minimum cost.
• To apply Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) techniques that will bring your webpages to the top of search engines.
• Create a brand strategy for maximizing exposure.
• Create articles that will attract thousands of readers.
• Identify the different types of posts and choose the right one based on the goal that they want to achieve.
• Create posts that will maximize engagement with potential customers.
• Create posts that have high probability to become viral.
• Create pictures that will bring life and style to the posts.
• Create videos with high view rate for an effective way to promote the products and services of the company.
• Create live streaming so that they can get in touch with their followers and customers.
• To effectively manage high performance teams.
• To apply accelerate growth strategies for their business.


Training modules-seminars for the diploma are the following:
1. Certified Social Media Manager (3 Days)
2. Certified Google Advertising Professional (3 Days)
3. Certified in Internet Marketing and S.E.O (Online Course on Demand)
4. The Manual of the Greatest Salesman (Online Course on Demand)
5. Strategies For Fast Business Growth (2 Days)



Teaching Language:
All seminars are taught in Greek.


Dates of the seminars
In case a seminar is full or the dates are not suitable you can transfer it to the next semester. You only need to declare the transfer to the admissions office at least 10 days before the starting date of the webinar.


Certified in Internet Marketing Strategies and S.E.O. 
Online Course on Demand
Teaching Language: Greek


The Manual of The Greatest Salesman in the World 
Online Course on Demand
Teaching Language: Greek


Strategies For Fast Business Growth (2-days)
Seminar Location: Adonis Business Academy
Date: 18 & 19/12/2023 (Fully Booked. Next dates of the webinar 17 & 18/6/2024)
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Teaching Language: Greek


Certified Social Media Manager (3-days)
Webinar: Live Online Via Zoom
Dates: 7, 8 & 9/2/2024
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Teaching Language: Greek


Certified Google Advertising Professional (3-days)
Webinar: Online Live Via Zoom
Dates: 6, 7 & 8/3/2024
Time: 9:00am – 5:30pm
Teaching Language: Greek


The Investment Includes:
• 5 certifications of attendance (One for every seminar)
• The diploma “Digital Marketing and Sales”
• Workbooks
• Final Exams
• Coffee & Tea
• Lunch is not included. In case you would like lunch you can paid it at the restaurant.


Investment For Employees
Initial Cost €2,160
Minus Subsidy €1,450
Amount Payable by the employer €719


Investment for Self Employed or Unemployed
Initial Cost €2,160
Minus Discount €1,185
Amount Payable €975


Limited Number of Participants
Due to a limited number of seats please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page.


More information and Registrations
For more registration or registrations just fill the form below and one of our consultants will contact you.


Start Time

9:00 AM

December 18, 2023

Finish Time

5:30 PM

March 8, 2024


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